Career Opportunities

Experience Sikhi is hiring 6 full time employees (4 community organizers and 2 marketing coordinators) for summer 2019!

To apply: email your resume to along with a brief description about why you are interested in the position.

Requirements: all job applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 30 and will be required to work 40 hours per week. All job applicants must also be prepared to work for a 16 week between May and August 2019.

Job Descriptions:

Community Organizers will be responsible for all aspects of event planning and learn the skills required to become grassroots community leaders. Experience Sikhi organizes a variety of programs throughout the summer months, including the Bhagat Puran Singh Ji Weekend, Turban Up, Vidhia Retreat, Experience Sikhi Samagam, and Experience Sikhi Camp. Community Organizers will take the lead in putting these programs together and:

• Take charge of event logistics;
• Update and expand the Sikhia Mentor Database;
• Work with a team of employees and volunteers to identify community needs and develop new ideas to address those needs;
• Develop event/initiative budgets;
• Evaluate, select, and book appropriate venues;
• Coordinate with venue staff to ensure organized and professional execution of events/initiatives;
• Identify and communicate with community partners for specific events and initiatives; and
• Conduct post-event/initiative surveys to identify shortcomings and develop strategies for improvement.

In addition, Community Organizers will be responsible for volunteer coordination. All of Experience Sikhi’s summer programs require the assistance of hardworking volunteers from across Ontario (with up to 150 volunteers coming out for Turban Up). Accordingly, Community Organizers will:

• Help develop and execute strategies for volunteer recruitment, motivation, and retention;
• Organize and conduct volunteer orientations for all volunteer opportunities offered in summer 2019;
• Be responsible for communicating with volunteers and ensuring that they are up to date with assigned tasks, opportunities and event logistics; and
• Assign individual volunteers to the tasks and responsibilities that they are best suited for.

Marketing Coordinators will be responsible for:
• Creating promotional material (such as posters, banners, flyers, and promotional videos) for summer programs;
• Creating educational material about Sikhi;
• Creating clothing/item designs for the Experience Sikhi shop;
• Fulfilling event specific design needs such as camper booklets or Sikhia welcome packages;
• Managing social media accounts;
• Taking lead for audio/video recording and editing; and
• Web Development

Experience Sikhi is known for its excellent graphic design and, accordingly, our Marketing Coordinators will have the opportunity to work with and learn from our design teams.