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BlogTO: Hundreds of people got a turban tied for free in Toronto this past weekend

Yonge-Dundas Square looked super colourful this weekend, thanks to the hundreds of turbans that were tied on people’s heads. 

The festival Turban Up! from Experience Sikhi took over the square this weekend with food, martial arts performances, and traditional headwear to celebrate Sikh culture and traditions.

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Sikhs, Jews and God

There are approximately 23 million Sikhs in the world. I learned this from Manbir Singh, a  brightly turbaned young man with a well-tended beard, full of love for his faith and sharing it. He was a volunteer for the Sikh Youth Federation that had a presentation at a local university. The group caught my attention when they asked if I would like to have a turban tied on my head. No. But I had been promising myself to write about Sikhism and Judaism because I felt we were kindred spiritsAs we talked and shared the beliefs, rituals and symbols of our two religions I realized that we have much in common. We must remember that we have friends from many different faiths. We just need to spend time together.

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