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BlogTO: Hundreds of people got a turban tied for free in Toronto this past weekend

Yonge-Dundas Square looked super colourful this weekend, thanks to the hundreds of turbans that were tied on people’s heads. 

The festival Turban Up! from Experience Sikhi took over the square this weekend with food, martial arts performances, and traditional headwear to celebrate Sikh culture and traditions.

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Toronto Star: ‘Turban Up’ event at Dundas Square breaks down cultural divide

Rolls of material in an explosion of colours are stacked on tables where people make their choice. A variety of styles are tied. For the traditional wider one worn by most Punjabi men, volunteers cut sections about five metres long and three metres wide. Two more volunteers then pull the material taut from diagonal corners, making a huge rectangle, as they carefully fold the two loose sides from opposite corners into the middle. A long, folded, straight length of material is now ready to be carefully tied around a person’s head.

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Ryerson SSA Remembers The Sikh Genocide of 1984

For Ryerson’s Sikh Students’ Association (SSA), the first week of November reminds them of the year 1984. That was when a massacre of the Sikh population took place in India. Last week, the RSSA held events to honour victims and survivors of the period and to recognize it as a genocide rather than the Indian government’s description of it as a “riot.”

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It’s a race, and the Sikh Students Association is winning

To share and promote the values of Sikhi on campus, the Sikh Students Association organized Sikh Awareness Week, which took place from March 14 to 17. Students and professors from different ethnicities and religious backgrounds participated in the events throughout the week. 

The week began with Bedtime Sakhis hosted by Tejnoor Kaur. The magical evening consisted of Kaur taking the students back to 1469 by recounting the sakhi (story) of the first guru of the sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev ji, while cookies and hot chocolate kept participants warm. 

Next was the prayer night. Approximately 20 students gathered in the Student Centre to collectively recite Sri Rehraas Sahib, the evening Sikh prayer, followed by kirtan where everyone sang hymns accompanied by a harmonium and tabla.