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5 things to enjoy at Toronto's Turban Up! Sikh festival

Turban Up!, hosted by the Sikh Youth Federation, aims to promote knowledge of the Sikh community, culture and traditions. Here are five things to see, taste and enjoy at the e...

June 07,2016

University of Guelph students host Sikh Awareness event

On Thurs. March 10, 2016, the Sikh Students Association hosted Sikh Awareness Day in the University Centre. The event was set up in a semi-circle around the UC courtyard and c ...

March 18,2016

Turban Up event at U of Guelph promotes unity, understanding

Every year, for one day only, the Guelph Sikh Students’ Association transforms the University Centre into a sea of brightly-coloured material, dotted with deep conversations...

March 16,2016

First Turban Day draws large crowd

On Friday March 14, the Sikh Student Association (SSA) hosted a Turban Day to spread awareness about the Sikh faith. Turban Day was one of three events hosted as part of Sikh ...

March 15,2016