The prosperity of the Sikh community is dependant on its understanding and practice of the Guru’s teachings. Accordingly, Experience Sikhi creates resources, implements creative ideas, and leads initiatives to make Sikhi accessible to all Canadians, regardless of age, location, or level of knowledge.

Experience Sikhi Yatra

May 5th - May 19th

Family Camp

December 21st

Experience Sikhi Camp

August 28th - September 1st


Every Sikh should have access to resources and opportunities that will help ensure their professional success. We aim to contribute to the growth of the community’s youth and develop Panth-focused professionals who abide by the teachings of compassion, justice, dasvand, and honest living.

Sikhia Workshops

Mock LSAT - May 11th

Sikhia Retreat

October 10th - October 13th

Sikhia Mentor Database

Inspire. Network. Succeed


Whether it’s serving the less fortunate, taking environmental action, or putting a smile on a child’s face, we strive to give back to the communities we live in and share the values of Sikhi with other Canadians.