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The prosperity of the Sikh community depends on its practice of the Guru’s teachings. We strive to create resources, implement creative ideas, and lead initiatives to make Sikhi accessible to all Canadians.

Experience Sikhi Camp

From its humble beginnings in 2013, Experience Sikhi Camp has grown to become North America’s premiere camping experience. The camp equips participants with the global network of Sangat, the powerful bonds of friendship, and the inspiration that will allow them to enact long-lasting change in their hometowns.

It provides a rare opportunity to Experience Sikhi in its many beautiful forms and attracts those curious and eager to learn from across the globe. Our campers represent many backgrounds, perspectives, and levels of understanding but have one thing in common; their love for Sikhi.

Experience Sikhi camp
Experience Sikhi event

Experience Sikhi Smagam

Every summer, Experience Sikhi brings renowned ragi jathey and kathavachiks together from around the globe for four days of bliss. Since 2017, we have been honoured to host the likes of Giani Jangbir Singh Ji (Takhat Sri Hazur Sahib), Giani Sher Singh Ji (Ambala), Bhai Maninder Singh Ji (Sri Nagar), Bhai Sarbjeet Singh Ji Laddi (Hazuri Ragi) and others. Alongside its morning and evening divans, the Experience Sikhi Samagam is home to interactive displays and workshops.

Family Camp

Family Camp is a two-day initiative hosted annually in Gurdwara Sahibs across the Greater Toronto Area. Open to all age groups; it provides a unique opportunity for parents and grandparents to engage in workshops and Sikhi-related activities instead of just dropping their kids off and going home. Campers are split into sections and participate in workshops specifically designed for their age group. Family Camp focuses on developing local Canadian talent as public speakers and workshop leaders

Experience Sikhi camping
Experience Sikhi vidhia retreat

Vidhia Retreat

The Vidhia Retreat is a week-long initiative that instills participants with the confidence to speak about Sikhi on their campuses, in the workplace, at interfaith programs, in Gurdwarey, or at their local camps/events. The retreat is open to all Sikhs who wish to take their first step toward becoming parchariks, whether that’s a traditional kathavachik or someone who’d prefer to confidently share Sikhi in western settings is for each individual student to decide.

Vidhia Academy

Vidhia Academy is a volunteer-run institution for learning about Sikhi. All volunteer teachers are fluent in English, making it easier for young Sikhs to understand the subject. Classes are taught interactively, often incorporating fun activities and games to keep young children engaged. Students are assessed based on their previous knowledge and placed at the appropriate level. Please feel free to contact us for class information.

Experience Sikhi Vidhia academy

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Experience Sikhi is a charity dedicated to the success and prosperity of Sikhs across Canada.Whether it’s spiritual growth, career success, or community empowerment, we strive daily to see our Panth realize its limitless potential.

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