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Hundreds of people got a turban tied for free in Toronto this past weekend

June 11, 2019

Yonge-Dundas Square looked super colourful this weekend, thanks to the hundreds of turbans that were tied on people's heads. The festival Turban Up! from Experience Sikhi took over the square this weekend with food, martial arts performances, and traditional headwear to celebate Sikh culture and traditions.

People gave out vibrant cloth to Torontonians of all backgrounds and wrapped the fabric around people's heads. People were definitely feeling themselves with their colourful new head gear, and presumably a better understanding of Sikh culture.

"The event aims to bring the country’s multicultural values to life, takes the mystery out of the turban in a fun and colourful way, and fosters bonds between people of all backgrounds," says Turban Up!

If you missed this year's chance to learn about the art of the dastar, they'll be back at Yonge-Dundas in 2020 for another round.

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