Hemant Bains

Surrey, British Columbia

Hemant Bains is currently employed by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure as a Highway Design Engineer. In his role, he plays an important part in the development and maintenance of British Columbia’s transportation infrastructure, by designing stormwater management systems to effectively mitigate flooding risks and ensure long-term resilience. Motivated by a genuine passion for creating positive societal impact, he strives to make meaningful contributions to the prosperity and well-being of communities. Through his work, he aims to support their growth and resilience, ensuring reliable transportation and infrastructure systems that meet the evolving needs of our society.

Job Title

Highway Design Engineer

General Job Title



Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Area of Focus


University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Applied Science, Civil Engineering


Hemant Bains

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Hemant Bains

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Favourite Book
Many Life’s Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss
Favourite Kirtani
Bhai Harpreet Singh Ji
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Harry Potter Series
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