Dilveer Singh


Dilveer Singh is an environmental engineer and the founder of 360green Pte. Ltd., an environmental consulting firm based in Singapore. Currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Dilveer specializes in providing aid to governments and private corporations in managing their forests and forestry assets in a sustainable way. He believes in nurturing communities and promoting biodiversity growth while helping his clients gain access to and generate carbon offsets for a holistic circular economy framework. Dilveer is passionate about his work and believes sacrifice is the key to success. He advises young students to sacrifice wisely and devote themselves to what they truly believe in.

Job Title

Environmental Engineer

General Job Title

Nature & Urban Based Environmental Engineer


360green Pte. Ltd (Self Employed)

Area of Focus

Forestry/Urban Development


Singapore Polytechnic
Diploma Aeronautical Engineering


Dilveer Singh

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Dilveer Singh

on the experience sikhi podcast


Favourite Book
The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
Favourite Kirtani
Bhai Rajinder Singh Ji Singapore
Favourite Movie
Favourite Show
Star Wars
Favourite Team
Arsenal Football Club
Favourite sport
Arsenal Football Club
Favourite Food

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Dilveer Singh

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