Sukhdev Singh Billen

Brampton, Ontario

"Sukhdev Singh is currently working in a marketing insurance role as an Account Manager at Desjardins General Insurance. In this capacity, he largely deals with corporate accounts to ensure that there are no issues with current clients. Alongside working at Desjardins, Sukhdev Singh is a co-founder of Capital Films. As an entrepreneur in the film industry, he focuses on managing the schedules of his videographers, overseeing the marketing material for social media, and booking clients. When he’s not at work, Sukhdev Singh enjoys spending time with his family and friends. In addition, he loves to play softball and basketball, enjoys reading, and likes to keep up with current political affairs."

Job Title

Account Manager

General Job Title

Registered Insurance Broker


Desjardins Group

Area of Focus


University of Guelph
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours), Major in Finance


Sukhdev Singh Billen

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Sukhdev Singh Billen

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Favourite Book
Lord of the Flies by William Golding
Favourite Kirtani
Favourite Movie
Schindler’s List
Favourite Show
Favourite Team
Favourite sport
Favourite Food

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Sukhdev Singh Billen

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