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Toronto Star: ‘Turban Up’ event at Dundas Square breaks down cultural divide

Rolls of material in an explosion of colours are stacked on tables where people make their choice. A variety of styles are tied. For the traditional wider one worn by most Pun...

May 17,2019

CP24: Sikh Awareness Day event at Yonge and Dundas Square

Sikh Awareness Day brings the community’s history, art, and values to the core of Downtown Toronto. Hosted in Canada’s busiest city square, Turban Up engages Canadians fro ...

May 14,2019

CTV News: Sikh students help those in need

The Chote Sahibzade spent the chilly days of December in the Thanda Burj with our grandmother— Mata Gujri Ji. In response, hundreds of high school students hit the streets ...

January 10,2019

CBC The National: Downtown Seva Initiative

Coverage of the Downtown Seva Initiative by CBC's The National. Shoutout to our High School SSAs for a job well done!


January 03,2019